Archer III for sale

The aircraft

The PH-AED is the most beautiful and exceptionally well treated and maintained Piper Archer III. The Echo Delta is fully certified and equipped for IFR & Night Operations with GPS/ILS-coupled autopilot.

Only 533 hours since its first full engine overhaul where everything ‘firewall forward’ is replaced by new components. Including ALL wiring, ALL hoses, ALL fuel lines. Included overhauled items are: Propeller, strut and engine mount.

Upgraded with MOGAS STC, new 8,33 kHz transceiver and full featured digital EDM 830. In Jan 2020 a panel upgrade was executed with implementation of two Garmin G5’s and a GTN-650X (in June 2020 replaced for a faster GTN-650Xi)





Year of constr.


New Piper – Archer III


1157 kg


2651 hrs (2022.0.01)






O-360-A4M (180 hp)

Mogas STC, avgas

2651 hrs (2022.01.01)

533 hrs (2022.01.01)


  • Piper Low Noise Muffler (Drawing 85577-2) installed
  • Landing lights upgrade with bright LED spots in wingtips. Perfect for outside UDP
  • GNSS coupled to 2-axis autopilot and electric autotrim
  • two 8,33 Hz radio’s
  • Interior / Exterior / Paint, all in good condition


  • Max Cruise 132 KTAS (245 km/u) @ 42 liter mogas per hour
  • Econ Cruise 125 KTAS (232 km/u) @ 34 liter mogas per hour
  • 3 adults at full fuel; endurance 5:30, range 1200 km (no reserve)
  • 4 adults at 45% fuel; endurance 2:30, range 550 km (no reserve)
  • Takeoff performance @ MTOW; 465 m ground roll + clearance of 50' obstacle


With the latest Avionics upgrade (jan 2020), latest version of Garmin GTN-650Xi was installed with two G5’s and additional equipement. Great for both VFR and IFR flying.

Connect your EFB on your iPad with Bluetooth to the FlightStream module and you can upload and sync your Flightplan with the GTN navigator! Reduces the pilots workload. Also very convenient with two-pilot operations, since the Active FlightPlan will be synced with two iPad’s simultaneously!

  • Garmin GTN-650Xi (the ‘i’ version is the latest incredible fast model)
  • Garmin G5 AI
  • Garmin G5 HSI (with GMU-11 en GAD-29B)
  • Garmin FlightStream 210
  • Garmin GTX330 transponder
  • KAP140    Two Axis autopilot with autotrim 
  • KX165A    Com/Nav 8.33kHz
  • KI 209A    (VOR/LOC/glideslope indicator)
  • KN62A     DME
  • KR 87      ADF
  • PMA6000m Audio selection panel with music in
  • 24v accessory power plug
  • EDM-830
    • J.P. instruments Engine Data Monitor.
    • Full featured, non-primary, engine data monitor (with ALL available sensors installed; including 4xCHT; 4xEGT, Fuel Flow, Carburetor temp, OAT, oil temp/press) with STC. 
    • This wonderful instrument helps us to keep the engine in top condition and give you best-of-class operational data during flight (incl. shock cooling, fuel consumption etc). 
    • For safe and economic ROP leaning.

MX & State

EASA PART-145 maintained, under full control CAMO by AMN (EHTE).

All 7-years items are done during the overhaul (wing inspection, fuel tanks etc etc etc)

All mandatory AD's & SB's complied with.

Our Archer meets all formal (maintenance and equipment) requirements for a commercial flight school. Actually, it currently is listed on a school so (only!) the owners are can have additional lessons and exams (E-IR, IR and CPL) on their OWN machine! How cool is that!

(Our insurance only allows the three owners to operate the Echo Delta as PIC or FI’s who instruct one of the three owners

Will be delivered to you with a fresh ARC, so one year of hassle free freedom of flight and no surprises.

Both exterior and interior 8/10 

See additional photo’s and documents on this page
(login credential can be obtained at seller)

Current owners

The Echo Delta is flown by three experienced private pilots. 

All very keen in keeping the aircraft neat, clean and top shape. For most of us, we also fly around with business partners and want a professionally (looking) operation. It’s our business card.

Insurance only allows the three owners to fly on their machine.

The aircraft is owned by our legal entity ‘Aviators B.V.’.

Currently the Echo Delta flies approximately 150-200 hrs a year, of which IFR most of the time.

Good to know

  • Always privately owned by a small group of owners (max 3 - 4) with warm hand-over to the next
  • All records, logs, Work orders available
  • After factory delivery, always PH registered
  • Always hangared (except for very limited and rare occasions during cross country over-nights. Then always the cover was used, but a hangared space was always rented when available)
  • All (NAV) databases are current.

The PH-AED is, in it’s own livery, available as an X-plan flight simulator extension: So, start flying this plane today on your computer: X-plane Store


Call for price. (EXCL VAT.) —> press the button to contact current owner.

VAT is excluded since it was always registered on a share holders company.
This is a huge benefit  for organizations, who are able to settle VAT.
Or for private owners who happen to have a business.

Including extra’s

  • a fresh ARC, so one year of hassle free freedom of flight and no surprises.
  • Very clean, custom made canopy cover with soft inside.
  • Battery charger (connects to installed Battery charger port) and keeps battery well maintained
  • Full tanks of fuel
  • One (qts) bottle of oil
  • Pitot cover
  • 2 tow bars (one original, one longer, after-market version for in own hangar)

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